About the charity

As a registered UK charity, the Redditch Association for the Blind is available to assist any registered blind or partially sighted person who lives in the Redditch area who needs our services.


In the last year alone, we have helped many adults and children with grants for diverse needs. Sports equipment, short holidays, as well as essential items such as a talking microwave, c.c.t.v. print magnifiers, Monomouse print magnifiers, TV binocular spectacles and other items to help make lives easier and more fulfilling.


The work of the Redditch Association for the Blind is organized through it's monthly committee meetings and we are always seeking people who have some spare time to help us.


About our volunteers

The Redditch Association for the Blind has excellent links with Worcestershire Social Care Services as well as with other local voluntary bodies who help us identify those in need of our support and grants.


All of our supporters are volunteers who are committed to helping people with a visual impairment in our community.


Our Chairman, Mr. W Payne, is a rehabilitation officer with the County Sensory Impairment and Telecare Team and is a further contact between local visually impaired people and our committee.


We aim to provide continuity of our services through monthly committee meetings where fund raising is organised and decisions are taken to further strengthen our valuable links with visually impaired people in our community.


If you are able to help us in any way, either by volunteering some of your time or by making a charitable donation, then please contact us we would be delighted to hear from you.


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